Art lovers never sleep @NodMakerSpace

Few days ago I made a visit to @NodMakerSpace with one of my friends, a creative co-working hub where freelancers and start-ups in fashion, design, branding and other creative fields meet with their teams. They can rent a space there and use the technical equipment for their business. There are a lot of workshops for young fashion designers, young architects, graphic designers, wood & metal cutters, electronics, juveniles, confectioners, where they can create, develop their products and sell.

In 2015 a group of multidisciplinary creatives set up to transform the abandoned industrial space of the former Cotton Factory in Bucharest into the first makerspace in Romania. After six months of hard work, with the help of 25 people and 9 partners, 650 sqm were ready to host makers and creative industries entrepreneurs that needed a space and community for their passion. The industrial space was once again filled with life and became a central hotspot for the creative industries in Bucharest.

@NodMakerSpace is named two years in a row by Central European Startup Awards.

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