Taking a break from the office

I know my feed on Instagram hasn’t been looking so colorful lately and I have not posted outfits as I used to be. All my time has been taken over with the preparations of the @Makeover Buro opening in Chisinau, so my outfits have been hectic lately.

Imagine me last month with a baggage made in an interval of 2-3 weeks and 8 hours on the road driving from one location to another. I was throwing on me whatever I had, a clean top or shirt, whatever it was, and maybe not always matching it with the rest of the outfit, just to be at 9am in the office ready to start the day with the new team.

So, when I came back to Bucharest, I decided that I will take a midday break  for a walk around… good choice, I had to discover some historical buildings for new outfit photography.






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