How i find time for myself

To be realistic, it’s very hard to run a business, to be inspired at the same time, and to do it all at the same time. You find  time to focus on them, unless you disconnect for a time. Even if creativity is the basis for my job, it is not simple. You need a recharge.

Sometimes I get on with more stuff at a time, I grab it in several directions, but in the end few of them succeed. And you can have the best team in the world or enough free time, but you just can not focus. Being in the office all day, in the evening when I want to spend more time with my family, it’s hard not to do office stuff after 7 pm, time when I get Teo from the kindergarten. There’s always something unfinished by day, an unfinished report, a draft mail to be sent, or a last-minute call.

I’m a creative one, so it’s very important to keep my creativity, plus when I combine creativity with some of the logistics and management it’s really hard to get into it all. But I found a solution that works best for me at the moment, so you can see if it succeeds for you guys:

      1. Early bird

The only time I find productive for myself is in the morning when I wake up an hour before Teo and I manage to take advantage of the well-deserved personal time.  I either take a bath or make a morning mask,  give a scroll on  instagram without being interrupted, or i drink my coffee with milk and enjoy it by looking in my calendar. I feel real like a Cinderella that has an hour left before the ball, in my case being the other way … before the storm 🙂

    2. While driving my car

You will not believe me, but driving to the office is a pleasure for me. I can get my thoughts and think about what I have to do on that day. I’m lucky sometimes when I’m in the traffic jam and able to browse my Linkedin page or post something.

      3. Podcasts

I’m sure podcasts are your favorites. Whenever I have time I listen to them. Even if I do not pursue certain things about creativity, I am very interested in listening to business and management literature, where I learn a lot and try to apply them whenever I have the opportunity. They are like batteries that load you not only emotionally but also professionally speaking, not talking about the motivation you have after. And the last podcast I’ve been listening to, was #AskGaryVee 283 Applied Empathy & Sub Rosa.

   4. Working out

For 2 months since I haven’t been at the classes, I admit to say  that I miss the training classes very much and can’t wait to take them up next week. I dont know you guys, but I realized how important it is to have at least one hour of sport per day. Whether you ride a bicycle or walk with kids in the park or have your workout home, nothing compares with the energy and focus you have after … as if you were back from a fresh vacation and go back to the job. And I did not realize that, until i had this pretty loaded program.

     5. Block your calls

I began to stop answering calls after a certain hour in the evening. It does not always succeed for me, as we are in the start-up phase with the opening of the new office, but when it comes to long talks and I know they will last, I’ll postpone the talk for the next day. Often this prevented me from taking care of Teo. Speaking on the phone in the winter, Teo climbed onto a pile of snow and plunged into it. I know that customers are very important and i give them all my free time sometimes, but do not exaggerate.

How do you find the right time for you?

Sa fiu realista, este foarte greu sa conduci un business, sa fii inspirata in acelasi timp si sa le faci pe toate. Uneori ai timp sa te concentrezi pe una din ele, doar daca faci un disconect la un moment dat. Chiar daca creativitatea este la baza in tot jobul meu, nu este simplu. Ai nevoie de o reincarcare.

Uneori,  ma apuc de mai multe chestii odata, o apuc in mai multe directii, insa intr-un final putine imi reusesc. Si poti sa ai cea mai buna echipa din lume sau timp liber suficient, dar pur si simplu nu te poti focusa. Fiind toata ziua la birou, iar seara cand vreau sa petrec mai mult timp cu familia, e greu sa nu faci chestii de birou si dupa 7 cand il iau pe Teo de la gradinita. Mereu apare cate ceva neterminat de cu zi, un raport nefinisat, un mail din draft care trebuie trimis sau un apel de ultima ora.

Sunt o fire creativa, deci e foarte important sa-mi mentin creativitatea, plus la aceasta cand combini creativitatea cu o parte din logistica si management este foarte greu sa le duci in carca pe toate. Dar am gasit o solutie, care lucreaza cel mai bine pentru mine la moment, asa ca vedeti si voi daca va reuseste:

  1. Early bird /Late owl

Unicul timp pe care il gasesc productiv pentru mine este dimineata cand ma trezesc cu o ora inaintea lui Teo si reusesc sa profit de bine meritatul timp personal in care fie fac o baie, fie imi fac o masca de dimineata, fie dau un scroll pe instagram fara sa fiu intrerupta, fie imi fac cafeaua cu lapte si o savurez uitandu-ma in calendar. Ma simt real ca o cenusareasa care are la dispozitie o ora inainte de bal, in cazul meu fiind invers…inainte de storm:)

     2. While driving my car

Nu o sa ma credeti, dar aflandu-ma la volan in drum spre birou sau de la birou, reusesc sa-mi adun gandurile si sa ma gandesc la ce am de facut pe ziua respectiva. Mai am noroc cand stau in ambuteiaj sa mai rasfoiesc pagina mea de Linkedin sau sa postez ceva.

    3. Podcasts

Sunt convinsa ca podcasturile sunt preferatele voastre. De cate ori am timp si imi reuseste, le ascult. Chiar daca nu urmaresc anumite chestii despre creativitate, cu mare interes ascult  literatura de business si management, unde invat multe si incerc sa le aplic ori de cate ori am ocazia. Sunt ca niste baterii care te incarca nu doar emotioal ci si profesional vorbind, nu mai vorbesc de motivatia pe care o ai dupa. Iar ultimul podcast pe care l-am ascultat a fost #AskGaryVee 283 Applied Empathy & Sub Rosa.

4. Working out

Timp de 2 luni de cand nu am fregventat sala recunosc si spun cu mana pe inima ca mi-e foarte dor de clasele de antrenament si abia astept sa le preiau de saptamana viitoare. Nustiu cum voi, eu insa am realizat totusi cat de important este sa avem parte de minim o ora de sport pe zi. Fie o primblare pe bicicleta, fie cu copiii in parc sau acasa, nimic nu se compara cu energia si focusul care il ai si  cum te-ai fi intors dintr-o proaspata vacanta si pusa din nou pe treaba. Si nu am realizat aceasta pana nu am avut un program destul de incarcat.

5. Block your calls

Am inceput sa nu mai raspund la apeluri dupa o anumita ora, seara. Nu intotdeauna imi reuseste, acum ca suntem in etapa de start cu deschiderea noului birou, insa cand vine vorba de discutii lungi si stiu ca ele vor dura, aman convorbirea pentru ziua urmatoare. De multe ori aceasta ma impiedicau sa am grija de Teo. Vorbing la telefon intr-o iarna, Teo s-a urcat pe un morman de zapada si s-a cufundat in el:) Stiu ca clientii sunt foarte importanti si chiar le acord tot timpul meu liber uneori, insa nu exagerati.

Cum voi va gasiti bine meritatul timp pentru voi?

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