I want a healthy lifestyle. One of #2019 goals

Last year, same period, once holidays finished, i instilled myself to start a healthy and organized style of life. I started a sport regime and i was following everything my trainer said. I did it for a few months and when summer vacation started i stopped my working classes. The healthy food was on my list still, beside the sweets i am always supposed to eat periodically.

This year, i am going through the same situation, on Tuesday i started my gym routine, and i am trying to keep my healthy menu updated for this year also. Just, when i say healthy, i mean i am not a big fan of the junk food or other flour products…it’s just the sweets, which are torturing me every day from 6pm till 9pm ;((( (i dont know you, but for me this is the most poignant period of the day in which i caaaan’t move through my home actually, if i am not eating 1 or 2 chocolate candies.

So here are some healthy products, part of my weekly meals:

1. Breakfast
– cheese cream
– egg white omlette
– cheese
– skimmed yoghurt
– oatmeal
– hemp seeds

2. Lunch
– fish
– beef
– chicken
– rice
– buckwheat
– vegetables

3. Dinner
(no carbs; no meat)
– just salad

So, during this year i want at least to keep myself motivated for a healthier body and mind, also i want to push myself to go to the gym at least 3 days per week.

What keeps you up for this year, guys? I would like to hear your best goals for #2019 !!!



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