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How many of you use to work from home? I know there are some of you who work on a full time job, someone part time, some are freelancing…but when you catch that ocassion just to enjoy your busy hours from home, do you really enjoy it as much as i do?  HOME –  is where i can feel myself more concentrated, more productive sometimes (because it takes like 40 mins to drive to my office) and sometimes it’s just a waste of time to drive 2 hours there and back, so when i have a long list #todo things on that day i choose my favorite corner from my house and i stay calm to save time for my productive day.

I am usually starting my working day right after I take Teo to kindergarten, so i just drink my coffee in front of my computer (with no breakfast) or i take an early lunch  during the day:)))

Someone asked me how i manage to stay active on instagram, and be able to manage my work and my tasks (isn’t there a mess in everything i do and how i do it?).

So i just want to tell you guys a secret!!! Start everything from A to Z. Everything should be done by steps. I’ve teached during my life that best results of my work and my family is that everything i use to plan is to do it step by step, strategically done, this works.

For this to manage I start my day with:

  • Emails first (Reply immediately and Flag the important ones not to forget on the second day)
  • Calendar planning (with done and undone things)
  • Working on tasks (clients, team, myself)
  • Set the week plan with future activities
  • Set a reminder which will remind you about blog/linkedin/instagram posts (reminders work so good for me)
  • Don’t forget to eat on right time and healthy (no carbs and no gas beverages during the day)
  • Follow your monthly/annual goals and set the others to achieve
  • Don’t forget to focus on other important things; family, friends.
  • And always remember ”FAMILY FIRST”!!!

On this point my working day is over and i am easily turning on my second role – MOM and plan evening activities for Teo and my family.

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