Delicate at office with ESTHE CLOTHING

If you have been following me, you know that I travel for work a LOT. Within a week it’s very possible that I go to 2 different countries. You will also know that I live, breath and eat fashion all day, every day. One thing you might not know, though, is that I have developed a taste for chic stuff, too… Have you ever flown in heels or run from a meeting to another over cobblestone in 8 inches? I have sometimes , and i am trying to do it well, at least this happens too rare for me….I am always trying to drop on me a classic piece mixed with a chic one in my office outfit.

Thank goodness we have the possibility now to wear the craziest style combinations, to experiment on different styles and and still look chic. I don’t know you guys, but i am happy about that, because I don’t feel like i wanna wear again my red bag with my red sandals (the craziest trend of all times:)

The silver top gives me that bohemic look, in which i feel myself  the most natural and true me, as you saw i am more a girlish lately, but love to mix this kind of items with my  classic wardrobe pieces. I am excited i discovered Esthe Clothing and their delicate and soft crop top series because they can light up both, my mood and my wardrobe.

True story.

What is your delicate and shimmering piece from your wardrobe?

In cooperation with ESTHE CLOTHING







NISSA blazer


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